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Budapest - June 2019

The 56th ERA-EDTA Congress has been held in Budapest on June 13-16, 2019 with the participation of more than 7000 nephrologists coming from all over the world. The Schena Foundation has presented two talks. First, an oral communication on new biomarkers for the diagnosis of Subclinical Acute Rejection in kidney transplantation without performing kidney biopsy. These results have been obtained in a multicenter study that involved five Italian Renal Transplant Centers (Bari, Novara, Roma, Padova and Torino). The specific biomarkers can be measured in the urine. The project has been granted by the Italian Ministry of Health. The second talk has been given by Prof Schena on the Ethical Aspects in Frail Recipients and the Organ Donor Pool. A summary of the talk has been published by the Daily Congress Newspaper.




Rimini - October 2018


During the 59th National Congress of the Italian Society of Nephrology, held in Rimini on 3-6 October 2018, Prof Schena chaired a Round Table on the Evolution of Diagnostic Techniques in Nephrology.

Moreover, he held a lecture on Diagnostics of Kidney Biopsy: from the morphology to the molecular biology.



Buenos Aires - September 2018

In the year 2018 the International IgA Nephropathy Network has celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first article published by Jan Berger and N. Hinglais su J Urol Nephrol, 1968.

The outstanding scientist was invited as guest speaker to the 2nd International Symposium on IgA Nephropathy held in Bari on April 10-11, 1987.

For this anniversary, the 15th International Symposium on IgA nephropathy has been held in Buenos Aires on September 26-29, 2018. Many scientists from 30 countries of the world have participated by lectures, debates, conferences, oral communications and posters.

The Schena Foundation has presented interesting data, obtained by the fellow Sharon Natasha Cox, on transcriptomics applied in renal biopsy, the main stone for the diagnosis of the disease. Interestingly, active lesions occurring in the renal biopsy, are characterized by overexpression of some genes that are

responsive to corticosteroids. Therefore, the corticosteroid therapy remains, actually, the unique therapy for the care of IgA nephropathy during the active phase.


For the 50th anniversary of the Berger’s disease article, Seminars in Nephrology has dedicated a special issue on the disease.

For this occasion FP.Schena has published two articles:

1. Biomarkers and Precision Medicine in IgA Nephropathy.

2. Epidemiology of IgA Nephropathy: A Global Perspective.


Bari - September 2018


The Schena Foundation announces with great pleasure that PhD fellow, Sharon Natasha Cox, has received the qualification of Associate Professor of Nephrology.



Copenhagen - May 2018

In occasione del 55° Congresso della Società Europea di Nefrologia (ERA-EDTA) che si é svolto  a Copenhagen dal  24 al 27 Maggio 2018, il Comitato Etico della Società, presieduto dal Prof. Francesco Paolo Schena, ha organizzato un Simposio su "Etica del trattamento sostitutivo (dialisi o trapianto) nei pazienti con età superiore a 65 anni". Hanno partecipato oltre 300 nefrologi, che hanno sviluppato un approfondito dibattito per i notevoli riflessi etici dell'argomento. 



Copenhagen - May 2018

Prof. Francesco Paolo Schena, President of the Schena Foundation did a lecture on The role of omics in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy during the 55th Congress of ERA-EDTA.

The content of this lecture has been published as article “ Omics studies for comprehensive understanding of Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy. State-of-the-art and future directions” in Nephrology Dialysis and Transplant, official 

journal of the ERA-EDTA. doi/10.10.193/ndt/gfy 130/5037250



Bari - March 2018

During the ceremony day of the PhD diplomas , held in the Aula Magna of Bari University,

Prof Schena has done a Main Lecture on The Role of biotechnologies in the relationships between Academia and Industry. Role of young post-Docs.




Milano - February 2018-06-20

Forty proposals have been submitted to Innogest and Deloitte for the National Competition of scientific patents in the field of health. Nine of them have been selected. Schena Foundation has received the nomination for the presentation of a kit for the diagnosis of IgA nephropathy in individuals with permanent urinary abnormalities (microhematuria and/or proteinuria) who decline the kidney biopsy for the histologic diagnosis.

Foggia - November 20th, 2017

During the Meeting, held in Villa Nocelli, Foggia, Professor Schena received a Prize dedicated to the studies in Renal Diseases.


New Orleans - November 2nd, 2017

Professor Schena participated to the American Society Nephrology Congress, held in New Orleans. His talk was dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence (artificial neural networks) for predicting the hemodialysis treatment in patients with IgA nephropathy.





Dubai - October 18th, 2017

Professor Schena had a talk on The Global Burden of the IgA nephropathy at the World Congress of Nephrology, held in Dubai. He received a Prize for the IgA nephropathy studies published in outstanding international journals.

 Rimini - October 6th, 2017

 Grazia Serino, PhD researcher of the Schena Foundation, received a grant from the Italian Society of Nephrology for the best oral communication on renal cell carcinoma at the 58th National Congress of Nephrology, held in Rimini, on Oct 2017. The Grant has been delivered during the General Assembly of the Italian Society of Nephrology.

Dr.ssa G.Serino 


 Rimini - October 5th, 2017


 During the Congress of the Italian Society of Nephrology, held in Rimini, Francesco Paolo Schena, Emeritus Professor of Nephrology at Bari University, received the Gabriele Monasterio Prize for the activity of clinical researcher in the field of Renal Diseases. In that occasion Prof Schena declared “Research is my passion and when the passion stimulates me, I still continue my research activity”.

August 15th, 2017 

It has been recently published in Scientific Reports 2017 an interesting study on the reparative effect of the resident tubular progenitor cells in the acute renal failure. First author Fabio Sallustio PhD of the SCHENA Foundation. The resident tubular progenitor cells can regenerate the damaged tubular cells after stimulation of the tool like receptor-2 (TLR-2) and the secretion of two molecules, as inhibin-A and decorin. The Rinaldi’s team, from the Salento University, contributed to the study through the production of nanovesicles containing inhibin-A and decorin. The study has been performed in vitro and will continue in vivo with the administration of the nanovesicles containing inhibin-A and decorin in animal model of pig with acute renal failure. 

Future applications will be the administration of nanovesicles in patients with acute renal insufficiency.



  Madrid - Jun 22nd, 2017

During the Worldwide Day dedicated to the Kidney Neoplasias, the SCHENA Foundation announced at the ERA-EDTA Congress, held in Madrid (June 3-6th, 2017), that post-Docs of the Foundation have presented a poster on stem cells obtained from renal cell carcinoma. Results demonstrated that some microRNAs are responsible for the development of renal cell carcinoma. Final data are in progress and, interestingly, they suggest further directions for specific therapy in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. 


  Madrid - Jun 22nd, 2017 

Poster ERA-EDTA 2017 


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