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Welcome to the Schena Foundation website                   

SCHENA Foundation is an European Centre of Research in Kidney Diseases. It has been constituted on Sept 21st, 2012 on behalf of the SCHENA family to promote the scientific research in the field of kidney diseases.

Main aim of the Foundation is to reduce the growing burden of kidney diseases, in particular chronic kidney disease, using new therapeutic approaches based on Precision Medicine and Personalized Therapy.

SCHENA Foundation is involved in basic and clinical research to develop diagnostic biomarker tools for Preventive and Precision Medicine thus improving the quality of life.

The Foundation promotes research scientific projects and post-Doc training awarding fellowships.

The scientific activity of the SCHENA Foundation is evaluated every year by an International Scientific Committee.

SCHENA Foundation is located in the Bari University Policlinico, Piazza G.Cesare 11, Italy.